Ming Take$ China !
Ming Take$ China !

Ming Take$ China !

Ming Leone Luxury
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Total Cost of Trip : $4600 (includes Flight, hotel and transportation to and from Airport)

Date of Trip :  July 28 - Aug 3

There will be 3 payments of $1500

First Payment Due: June 14, 2019

Second Payment: June 28 2019

Third Payment: July 12, 2019


If you ever wanted to start your own Business or even join the $10 Billion Beauty business, this China trip is for YOU! China is where Everything is manufactured and I would like to show you this process. On this trip, I will introduce you to vendors that cater to your business so you can build meaningful and beneficial relationships. Join ME this $ummer in China to take your business to the next level.

*No More Wasting money on samples that you don’t like.

*No More blind shopping on Alibaba or AliExpress

*No More insecurities about shopping overseas, let me take you to your Plug!

You do Not want to miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity.


For more information call into my conference call this Sunday at 1 pm to ask any questions that you may have about this trip of a lifetime!


All payments are Non-Refundable. They are showing that you are able to accompany us to China for you to take your business to the Next Level!


We are aware that unfortunate situations may occur that are not in our control, but under no circumstance can this purchase be refunded or disputed. I look forward to taking you on your journey to your Next Level & helping you to Boss Up!